The first DKNY collection was one of the first real brands in stardoll.
This collection was in the shop in 2006/2007, usually in black and pink colors, heart print, and sequin. At the time that the DKNY shop was released stardoll had just over 10 million members, few members compared to nowadays, which is why its items are so rare. It's today a collection quite popular in stardoll.

Below see pictures of this collection in the starplaza. 

DKNY 1 floor

DKNY 1 floor
(Sometime after having released the first floor, stardoll decided to replace it with this new floor, but kept the most of the clothes).

DKNY 2 floor


Looking at some places, I found curiosities on the first collection of DKNY, check out!

The most wanted dress in stardoll is Scuba Dress, from the 1st DKNY collection.

Some DKNY, already had been Hot Buys.

There's a scarf equal to Hearts Print Scarf in Pretty n' Love shop (formerly Pretty in Pink).

Although it isn't in the pictures above, the blouse Falling Flowers is from the first collection of DKNY, but it was released only in search option, reducing the chance of being seen and making it the rarest blouse of the first DKNY collection.

There's a DKNY bike, which was given to some members in a competition, it's also a rare item.


Check out informations about each item below.


1.  Sequin T-shirt Dress
2.   Sequin Tank Dress
3.   Skyscraper Dress
4.   Short-Sleeve Mini Dress (gray)
5.   Cashmere Dress
6.   Scuba Dress
7.   Hearts Ruffle Dress
8.   Falling Hearts Dress
9.   Short-Sleeve Mini Dress (pink)

Shirts, blouses and sweater

13.   Classic Blouse
14.   Falling Flowers
15.   Hearts Blouse
18.   Sequins Shirt
19.   Knit Tweed Sweater
20.   Collared Sweater

Coats and jackets

21.   Flannel Jacket
22.   Iron Jacket
23.   Plush Long Jacket
24.   Tweed Jacket
25.   Cropped Jacket
27.   Skating Coat

28.   Sequins Mini
29.   Ruffle Skirt
30.   Tweed Skirt
31.   Mini Flip Skirt

Pants and Leggings

33.   Cropped Cargo Pants
34.   Iron Wide Leg Pant
35.   Sequins Leggings
36.   Runway Tights (black)
37.   Runway Tights (gray)

43.   De Witt Mary Jane
46.   Motorcycle Bootie
47.   Balendra Bootie
49.   Dalton Wedge

Scarfs and belt

53.   Cashmere Scarf
54.   Sequin Scarf
55.   Sequin Belt - 


56.   Logo Beret
57.   Beret -
58.   Newsboy Cap
59.   Runway Beret

60.   Runway Satchel
61.   Sparkle Satchel - 
62.   Sparkle Clutch

Real version of 1st DKNY collection

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